Introducing sustainable clothing that’s a little different... ideal for yoga lovers, fitness enthusiasts and comfort-seekers alike.

Based in Plymouth, BAM Clothing have been pioneering the way for sustainable and contemporary fashion since 2006 and are now the go-to brand for oh-so-soft clothing... made from Bamboo!

David Gordon - founder and CEO of BAM Clothing - describes himself as an adventurer; he has successfully completed a man-haul expedition across Greenland with a team of Gurkahs and recently held the titles of World Masters Games Pole Vault Champion and European masters pole vault champion!

This experience, combined with his long held interest in the future of the planet, brought about a year long search for a viable and environmentally sustainable business idea. Something that might actually make a difference.

As a P.E student at Loughborough University in 1988, David started selling T-Shirts to finance his ‘world tour’. It was his natural entrepreneurship, alongside his dedicated passion for the environment, that inspired David to start BAM Clothing in 2006.

BAM Clothing was the first bamboo clothing company in Europe

What began as a collection of base-layers and undergarments for active individuals with a passion for 'living life to the max', has grown organically to satisfy customer demand. With the lines blurring between fitness and leisure-wear, the designs are more relevant and popular than ever.

Ideal for both men and women, BAM produces two seasonal collections a year: spring & summer and autumn & winter. Aside from the comfort and performance criteria of using bamboo, it is also the most sustainable crop on the planet. Did you know that it's three times more absorbent than cotton?

BAM Clothing are leading the way in contemporary, sustainable style

Ultimately, David has a very clear ambition for the company - for it to be impact positive. He wants the business to leave a positive footprint on the world, even working closely with select experts in the field who are supporting BAM to shape their impact positive strategy.

David created a label that he himself would buy, wearing his brand day in and day out. He was – and still is – motivated to show the world that you can build a successful business whilst taking a totally environmentally friendly and ethical approach.

With such a huge - yet highly refined - range of super soft, flattering and stylish garments, it's no wonder that customers buy from BAM time and time again.

'We want to be the favourite brand of active people with enquiring, discerning minds and a global conscience.'

But it's not just about the clothing. As customers, we like to enjoy the experience of shopping with an independent business. David and his team pride themselves on their award-winning customer service, having receieved a Feefo Gold Service Award; it’s an independent seal of excellence that “recognises businesses for delivering exceptional experiences, rated by real customers”.

From the outset, the BAM team are consistently striving to build something truly special whilst growing organically in the process, without compromising on values.

With the immediate agenda of addressing concerns of sustainability within the clothing industry, BAM want to ensure they are making real changes whilst inspiring individuals to shop more consciously.

'Everyone gets treated fairly and responsibly, from the garment factory workers to the customer. Not forgetting ourselves!'

BAM believe in the pursuit of active health and want to encourage and support others, regardless of age or ability. Their breathable, modern and high-quality pieces are perfect for adventurous, fun and discerning customers... who prioritise their comfort and the wellbeing of our planet.

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When hiring an accountant, it’s important to consider experience, knowledge and - just as importantly - location. Whether it’s payroll, bookkeeping or tax planning, Rebecca Newman Accounting Services provide specialist services to help you and your business thrive.

Based at The Anchor Centre in the bustling town of Kingsbridge, you can expect the highest standard of accountancy support from Rebecca and her specialist team.

'Giving you more time to do what you do best'

As a Business owner it is important to focus on what you're good at. Newmans Accounting offers packages for Sole Traders, Partnerships and Limited Companies. Their full range of services are:

  • Preparation and submission of annual accounts for sole traders, partnerships and limited companies

  • Preparation and submission of annual Tax Returns, together with tax calculations

  • Submission of Company Annual Returns

  • Periodic payroll, including Auto-Enrolment set up and filing

  • Monthly CIS Returns

  • Periodic VAT Returns, including MTD requirements

  • Periodic Management Accounts

  • App Integration advice, support and training

  • Remuneration planning for Directors

  • Submission of Company Annual Confirmation Statements

Rebecca Newman, the dynamic mind behind Newmans Accounting Services, completed a local apprenticeship in Kingsbridge. Upon successful completion of her training, Rebecca moved to Plymouth. However, she soon gravitated back to Kingsbridge... and has been happily settled since.

Around this time, lots of people - especially her partner - encouraged Rebecca to start her own Accountancy business, taking note of her talent and determination. After travelling to America, Rebecca set up Newmans Accounting Services, and hasn't looked back since.

Rebecca's passion for numbers started when she was 18 years old. It was in July 2014 that she decided to set up her own company. Rebecca was originally focused on the Trade and Construction industry; she now works within all sectors from coffee shops to Reiki Therapists and Gardeners.

Bringing a fresh and modern approach to the world of Accounting, Newmans Accounting Services strive to make their client's lives as easy as possible, embracing technology in the form of a handy app.

Rebecca is passionate about working with local Business Owners, forming close relationships and fully understanding the needs of them and their Business; it is clear that professionalism and customer satisfaction is at the heart of Newman's Accounting.

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You know we #LoveLocal (duh!) and you know that we actively support and share everything from local coffee shops to independent hotels. We are consistently inspired by the independent businesses that we work alongside, and the same goes for local bloggers; our fellow food, coffee and #IndyBusiness lovers.

What better way is there to learn about your very own local scene than hearing straight from those who live there?

Alex Jeffery - aka. @TheFoodieJeff on Instagram - is a local plant-based foodie based in East Cornwall/Plymouth. Alex - also known as Jeff; a nickname that has stuck with him since University - uses his platform to share his knowledge of nutrition; channeling his passion into a feed full of easy-to-digest information, vibrant colours and impressive foodie imagery (we mean... what's not to love!?).

With a Bachelors in Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation and a Masters of Science in Human Nutrition, Jeff is on-track to develop a programme for corporate Nutrition, Health and Mental Wellbeing.

Showing that plant-based definitely doesn't mean 'boring', we asked Alex a few questions about pioneering a healthy lifestyle, whilst supporting his local independents:

1. What kind of content do you share and what inspired you to start your Instagram page?

I share the foods I love to cook, with a little bit of science behind why they benefit us. It’s usually a mix of recipes, plant-based science, coffee and straight up vegan #FoodPorn!

I love diversity in plant based foods so I tend to skip between cuisines/styles. I guess it could be somewhat disorganised to some, but coincidentally that’s also the way my life works... So, take that as you will 👀

I want to see people making their own decisions to live a healthier lifestyle through the same vibrant and empowering approach I use!

2. We know you love coffee as much as us! Where's your fave independent place in Plymouth to grab a cup of coffee?

So, Hangry use this fantastic independent roaster so their coffee is out of this world, but I absolutely adore the set-up of ‘Koffeehaus’ on the Barbican. I just love a rustic coffee shop only big enough to fit a handful of people, serving local independent coffee. 

6. You are plant-based, which is great! Where's your 'go-to' independent place for a delicious veggie/vegan meal?

Oh plant-based in Plymouth?! Hangry. Not only do they do (what I’d call) the best vegan fry-up alternative in Plymouth, they cook with real wholesome foods and their chef pulls out some really amazing specials. A current favourite is the coconut whipped tofu they’re serving like a yogurt on pancakes and waffles 😍

8. You have a keen eye for photography, producing eye-catching and colourful photos. Are you self-taught?

I’m totally self-taught! I started off using my iPhone, but soon got talking to Nick at @forkinpancakes and it just escalated from there. Nick pointed me towards DIY stores for backdrops and suggested I read a little into photography - so here we are

9. What are your future plans for The Foodie Jeff?

Long term, I’d love to run my own plant-based coffee house under the name. Sweet bakes, pancakes, and all the oat milk you could ever drink... but for now, The Foodie Jeff is just a little bit of fun and an access point for me to find new and exciting recipes, contacts and plant brands ✌🏼

Quick Fire Questions:

1. Breakfast, lunch or dinner?

Breakfast, hands down

2. Sunshine or Snow?


3. Favourite place to hang out in Plymouth?

Royal William Yard

4. Describe The Foodie Jeff in 3 words...

Vibrant. Positive. Real (real food, real representation of who I am and what I eat to feel good 👊🏼)

You can find @TheFoodieJeff on Instagram...let the drooling begin!

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