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Fika is a unique, independent cafe located in the beating heart of Kingsbridge, Devon. Having only been open for 12 weeks, this mother daughter combo have well and truly settled in to this bustling market town. Their mission is simple; to create a truly versatile space that serves great food and drink, whilst bringing the community together through distinctive events.

Fika is a concept, a state of mind, an attitude and an important part of Swedish culture. It means making time for friends and family whilst sharing a cup of coffee or tea and a little something to eat.

Offering an array of locally sourced and freshly made wholesome food, coffee and a variety of loose-leaf tea, the space itself is light and inspiring. It's this winning combination that makes Fika the perfect place for you to relax, people watch and soak up the atmosphere.

The eatery also works closely with the local community to deliver distinctive events throughout the year, from workshops to sushi evenings.

Inspired by her travels through Australia and her vast experience in the coffee industry, Abbie saw an exciting opportunity to bring a trendy independent coffee shop to her hometown.

With a keen interest in interior design, Abbie designed and created a space that effortlessly reflects a Scandinavian charm through bursts of greenery, clean cut lines and a welcoming atmosphere.

The menu itself is Scandi inspired with a delicious mix of healthy, light and fresh food. Boasting a small but practical open kitchen, guests can get an inside look into the making of each dish.

From fluffy sourdough bread and vegan cakes to freshly made salads and garnishes of seaweed pearls, the menu is carefully curated, with lots of veggie and vegan options too.

Fika takes their coffee just as seriously as they take their food. From creamy oat milk cappuccinos to revitalising turmeric lattes, each cup is locally sourced from Brazier Coffee.

Serving refined and delicious food and coffee, with an alluring nod to Scandinavia, Fika is the perfect place to relax and re-energise.

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The Kitchen Table is an outside catering business based in Totnes, serving at events in South Devon since 2011. They are a small outfit of creative and innovative chefs who use seasonal, often organic and beautiful locally grown and made ingredients (from within 30 miles of Totnes) to create feasts, dinners, party food, lunches and so much more! They cater for weddings, funerals, birthday celebrations and office lunches for groups of 8 - 140 people.

One of the many things TKT staff love is the variety of venues they get to visit... from grand houses, to farms & barns, to village halls and family homes, corporate venues and businesses... the variety of clientele is astonishing!

Everything is hand made from scratch, with love, from the ketchup to the stock. With an exciting seasonal menu, TKT works with you to provide a feast with something for everyone.

Sima, who owns and manages the business, has a wealth of travel experience which inspires much of her cooking. Members of her team also bring their interests and experiences to the menu planning and recipe creation from a love of foraging and herbalism to an interest in special dietary requirements. 

Sima's background in special needs has led her back, many years after working in respite care to supporting young adults in Totnes to learn kitchen skills with work experience and workshops with Lifeworks, which she is loving!

In addition to the catering, The Kitchen Table unit is open Mon - Fri 12 - 2pm March - December selling lunches for takeaway (or sit in). This is a small part of the business which enables the team to experiment with recipes, use up ingredients or dishes from events and interface with the public on a regular basis. The menu is mostly vegetarian with often-times a vegan option and almost always a gluten free option with cake an occasional treat too! On Tuesdays and Thursdays Beanbug coffee trike parks up outside and serves his delicious organic coffee to lunch customers.

Caring for the environment is at the core of what TKT does; They reduce their plastic use wherever they can; have made some bees wax wraps to use instead of cling wrap, they use recycled parchment paper, foil & washing up sponges as well as only using plant based cleaning products. The ingredients are sourced consciously and with love with some fantastic relationships forged with local growers and producers. 

The team make most things from scratch from the ketchup to the butter pastry - they buy just a few things ready made (bread baking has never been Sima's forte! And mayonnaise is cheaper and delicious from Laydilay Organic eggs!) and the team love finding new ways to be better at what they do... be it environmentally conscious, aesthetically pleasing or coming up with new delicious recipes. 

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Based at The Poppery in Plympton, Portlebay is popcorn filled treasure trove tucked away in a far corner of the Business Park. The head office is home to a large popcorn-popping factory and a small team of dedicated, talented and close-knit individuals.

What started as a dream between 3 close friends quickly manifested into an exciting reality in the form of 'Portlebay', established in 2012. Neil (one of the co-founders), with a background in both Finance and Business, believed that popcorn was going to be the next big desirable snack on the market. Guess what? He was right! Healthy yet satisfying, popcorn is the perfect on-the-go snack.

After laying low for a few years, the three friends jumped on a plane to Chicago. It was here that they bought the necessary popcorn-popping equipment, shipped it back and really started their journey. It took just over a year to set the first factory up; they all ended up knee-deep in popcorn on the first try! It was this positive 'try and try again' attitude and strong core values (each bag is hand-popped here in Devon!) that attributed to their initial, and ever-growing, success.

After 4 - 5 months of endless taste-testing and trialling, it was time to get a professional production team. It's this expert team that invent, test and create all of the delicious flavours of Portlebay Popcorn that we can enjoy today.

The somewhat intriguing name - 'Portlebay' - originates from East Portlemouth; near the ferry at Salcombe. Here at Love Local Collective, we believe that this is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and perfectly reflects the ethos of the brand; honest, refined and wonderfully natural.

Initially, there was the worry that the larger popcorn and snack brands would affect the trade at 'Portlebay', as the snack market is highly saturated and competitive. However, the locality and ethos of the company meant it was only natural to build strong relationships with and start supplying farmers markets and farm shops.

The emphasis on local, independent trading inevitably meant that Portlebay stood out amongst its competitors. Their first products were solely aimed at the local trade, the success of which opened the doors to the mass market i.e. the mainstream stores we can find Portlebay in today!

The caliber of popcorn - in terms of taste, texture and quality - is second to none. We have been munching on Portlebay Popcorn for a while now - Chilli & Lime, Lemon Sherbet, Crispy Bacon & Maple Syrup are just a few of our favourites! - and it's exciting to see Portlebay move from strength to strength, consistently popping out unique flavours and exquisite, refreshing branding.

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