Sami-K is a sustainable clothing brand offering beautifully hand-made, unisex clothing for both grown-up's and kiddies. Each and every product is made and sourced in Britain as part of a focus to support local businesses, ethically and honestly. Designer Sami founded Sami-K through lockdown with a creative ambition to make an ethically conscious and joyful impact on both people and their products.

Sami is a Cornish designer and sea-lover, currently living in South London, who is on a mission to challenge the way we buy, wear and value clothing.

Pioneering a progressive shared wardrobe concept, their premium unisex products are made for both grown-up's and children, and are made to last. Combining style and sustainability with practicality, Sami-K focuses on simple sizing with effortless everyday design, using premium fabrics with a high attention to detail. Think calming, neutral tones, playful patterns and ultimate comfort!

Designing and sampling everything in her London studio, Sami draws her inspiration from travel (especially in her second home on wheels, Agnes the Van) and design, working closely and in conscious collaboration with suppliers, customers and likeminded businesses; proving that everyone from the initial production process to the customer can be happy.

With a clear commitment to reducing waste at every step of the process, Sami experiments with unique, adaptable pattern cutting techniques and uses off-cuts to create additional limited one-off pieces. She is determined to ensure the viability of her consciously sustainable efforts. Sami illustrates and develops new ideas herself and works with a local supporting studio just a bike ride away for any necessary small batch production.

We mean, who WOULDN'T want to wear the Shelby Dungaree every day!? ^

Each design is personally signed off to certify the quality, fit, practicality and feel of each Sami-K piece.

Sustainability is woven into the DNA of the Sami-K brand. From the fabric to the packaging (which is made from fully organic, recycled and reusable biodegradable materials!), every little detail is sourced in the UK from small family-run suppliers. Their certified organic fabric supplier works alongside another small family-run business in Kerala, India to produce the gorgeous hand-woven fabrics. The mill is GOT’s certified and their artisan fabrics are produced in small quantities, ensuring the highest quality with minimal waste.

Sami K aims to support goals 11 and 12 of the United Nations Sustainable Development plan wherever possible too.

Sami-K embodies community and sustainability, combining play with practicality and fashion with conscious focus. As a member of Make it British, Sami will continue to evolve the brand and develop strong, long-standing relationships will all involved, from the fabric producers to the valued customers.

Discover the ethical, sustainable and adaptable ( and oh-so-comfy-and-gorgeous) Sami-K collection that represents conscious joy and a love for life:

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"Water sustainability starts with you."

It comes as so surprise that the pressure on our natural resources - like fresh water - is huge. The demand for fresh water is catching up with the supply at a frightening rate. George Sweet, the founder of Sweet Bamboo, is on a mission to increase public awareness on water sustainability. Founded in Cornwall, Sweet Bamboo bottles are made from stainless steel and wrapped in bamboo.

Stylish, fully recyclable products that don’t hurt our planet, whilst helping you to maintain an eco-friendly lifestyle.

The vision? To increase awareness of the negative impacts that bottled water consumption has on our fresh water ecosystems. For example, drying up natural water sources and depriving aquatic life.

With so many cool powers, how can we actually incorporate Bamboo into our lives? Swapping your single-use plastic bottles for an organic Sweet Bamboo product is an easy and effective way of living more sustainably, whilst adopting a circular economy and reducing waste.

The idea for Sweet Bamboo was born when George began learning about water capitalism. It was there and then that he decided to try and make a difference; 'Water is a public good and it should not be privatised to a point where significant environmental damage is being caused.'

Bamboo is a fast growing, renewable and easy-to-grow material, perfect for daily use.

Belonging to a subfamily of grass, bamboo is one of the most versatile plants on planet earth, and every Sweet Bamboo product is BPA and chemical free.

Sustainably sourced and manufactured, each flask sold reduces the amount of single-use plastic consumed.

Their practical thermos bottles keep liquids cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 6 hours.

The cylindrical design accommodates easy cleaning and each bottle comes with a stainless steel mesh strainer, ideal for using ice cubes or infusing your water with fruit.

If you are keen to start living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, why not do it in style? A new addition to the Sweet Bamboo range is coming soon, donning a laser engraved logo that negates the use of ink, meaning it's even better for the environment!

Due to exciting demand, their Bamboo wrapped coffee cups and bamboo toothbrushes, straws and organic bags will be available soon too; we just know they'll make great sustainable Christmas gifts for your friends and family! 

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Proving that practical definitely doesn't mean boring, Forsyth and Tedd lovingly design, sell and hand-make a huge range of Dog clothing and accessories; from home-baked dog treats and bow ties to dog jumpers and wax coats.

Forsyth and Tedd was founded by Mel Forsyth, and her Spanish rescue dog, Tedd. Based at Faraday Mill in Plymouth, Devon, Forsyth and Tedd is an eclectic emporium for both dogs and dog-owners (or dog-lovers, like us!) alike. With a shop downstairs and a sewing unit upstairs, it doesn't get more local than this.

'They've got you covered from nose to tail!'

The moment Mel saw a photo of Tedd her heart melted and she knew that they were meant to be together; as the heart and soul of the business, they've shared a special bond ever since. Since rescuing Tedd, Mel has now rescued a beautiful Podenco Ibicenco called Delphine. Delphine is the baby of the family, but is clearly going to be the biggest.

What started as a solution to her own problem has now become a popular go-to place for all things pooch. After several failed attempts to buy Tedd something practical, well-fitted and stylish, it soon became clear that Mel had to take matters into her own hands. It was at this point that the seeds of an idea for Forsyth and Tedd were born. Mel took the initiative, deciding that the only solution was to learn to sew (shoutout to Make @ 140!) and design her own dog coats and jackets.

With support from her friends and family, as well as those asking about her designs, Mel took on the challenge with both hands and started her business. With a clear focus on gorgeous, unique and high-quality fabrics, each custom design is practical and versatile.

With sighthounds of her own, Mel understands the importance of well-fitted clothing and collars, ensuring their comfort and wellbeing. Whether you have a wonky whippet, a gangly greyhound or a wiggly iggy, Forsyth and Tedd have a large Sighthound Collection as well as made-to-order clothing, coats and accessories.

Alongside their own products, Forsyth and Tedd also stock and sell stylish accessories from other quality suppliers around the world, whilst supporting other independent businesses. They are even the first UK stockist of Collar of Sweden!

Having lived in Plymouth and Cornwall for most of her life, seeing her creations on other peoples dogs and knowing they look and feel great instills - rightly so - a great deal of pride. When she's not working on new designs or orders, you can find Mel out and about in the Cornish countryside with her dogs.

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