Brunch is Best

What's not to love about fresh pancake stacks, dreamy coffee, bottomless cuppas, heavenly eggs benedict, freshly baked bread, toasted-this-morning granola dolloped with yoghurt from the farm down the road? It's not just the delicious drool-worthy food, the perfect mesh of savoury and sweet (bacon and maple syrup? French toast and sausage?), or that first taste of a frothy cappuccino that makes Brunch so brilliant.

That hazy, magical time between breakfast and lunch is the ideal opportunity to spend an hour or two indulging, people-watching, reading, catching up with friends. The art of relaxation accompanies brunch so very well, washed down with a quirky herbal tea, vanilla latte, or Bloody Mary.

We seek cool, unique, fresh independent establishments to explore and enjoy brunch wherever we go. Don't get us wrong, we've ventured into and enjoyed our fair share of Chain-made brunches but, given the choice, we much prefer to spend our time and money in a local independent gem.

As powerful consumers with heart we believe that, where possible, our money should feed back into the local economy. It makes us feel good to support passionate local business owners and their friendly teams and, in turn, makes them feel good too. And (all opinions being our own, of course) we fully believe that the unique character, the honest love and the distinctive service that make up an independent provides the best Brunches going.

In a bid to stay relevant teamed with a society that is slowly but surely #LovingLocal more and more, your #LoveLocalLegend is sure to offer you the variety, taste, service and experience that you crave.

In a nutshell:

Delicious, fresh and photo-worthy brunch + supporting your local independent = a win-win situation all around!