Buddha Bowl, Baby!

Hearty, filling, colourful and trendy. Buddha bowls are, to put it simply, big bowls full to the brim with grains, condiments, pulses, lentils and a colourful array of veggies. The dish is called a 'Buddha Bowl' as it resembles a rounded and full 'buddha belly'. The name also offers a subtle nod to the spiritual roots of eating a wide variety of vibrant, fresh ingredients.

One of our favourite things about the humble Buddha Bowl? This dish takes little effort to put together, and is perfect for using up leftovers... whatever you have lying around, chuck it in! Fancy an egg on top? Pop it on. Got some leftover rice? Whack it in! Hummus? Awesome! Dollop it on there like a pro.

No fuss required, yet the finished product is still completely insta-worthy (just search the hashtag #BuddhaBowl). This dish is a filling, colourful and practical bowl of nourishment that looks as good as it tastes.

We recently stopped at Prime for a spot of lunch, and couldn't resist the colourful lure of their Buddha Bowl. It was exactly as you'd imagine; grains, veggies, hummus all married together with a yummy dressing, and the innovative and delicious addition of fresh chopped kiwi. Every mouthful provides a burst of flavour, each ingredient complimenting the other. Although mighty, the Buddha Bowl left us feeling happily satisfied and #healthy.

As we move further towards summer Buddha Bowls are a worthy replacement for those winter warmers we no longer crave. Place any ingredients you'd like in a big bowl (make sure to get a good balance of veggies, grains, protein and carbs), top with some fresh herbs and whatever dressing you fancy, take a photo, add a filter, upload to instagram (don't forget to hashtag #health #foodporn #buddhabowl #yum), mix it all up and devour.