How to Shop Local on a Budget

Buying local has many benefits, from health to economical factors. Heading to a farmer’s market, shopping at local independent stores and supporting a small business on Social Media are all means and ways that you can support local independents.

There are lots of benefits from shopping local:

- Stronger local economy

- A varied and closer community

- A cleaner environment

- All of these reasons!

How can you shop more locally whilst, at the same time, support independent businesses?

Learn About Your Local Businesses

Explore your local area and see what local, independent hidden gems you can find. Try to focus on the area within walking distance, if possible, to save you money, time and to work towards lowering your carbon footprint.

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Farmers Markets

Farmers markets are the go-to source for locally grown food, unique gifts and an array of local independent businesses.

Tip: If you go to a farmer’s market, try to carry cash. While vendors cannot now accept card payments, most still prefer you pay with cash. Carrying cash also means that you can only spend what you have on hand.

Veg Boxes

Why not do a bit of research into your local box subscriptions? From organic veg to locally sourced meat, an increasing number of people are subscribing to receive local produce... directly to their door!

'Shopping' for your fresh produce in this way not only saves you time, but also reduces your carbon footprint and use of single-use packaging.

Tip: Try to plan for the week ahead to avoid any food waste. Doing this allows you to design a subscription box that fits your lifestyle and needs.

Spend a little more, on a little less

Whilst buying from an independent business can often cost a little more, you are paying for quality, originality and hard work. When you buy from a small business, you are supporting a dream, a local economy and receive exceptional value for your money.

More and more people are choosing to shop at their local retailers, supporting the independents in fighting back against the high-street giants.

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