Jacka Bakery - The New Deli in Town

[Jacka Bakery, and their new Deli, are currently open for Takeaway and pre-orders. Simply give them a call: 01752 262187]

An original independent bakery, Jacka is a real-life Elizabethan treasure trove; the treasure being freshly made bread, velvety coffee and a lovingly handmade selection of pastries and sweet treats (think Cinnamon Buns and Sausage Turnovers!). An emporium of sustainability, community and purpose that's set against the mouthwatering back drop of freshly-baked bread (is there anything better!?), Jacka has all the gear and plenty of idea.

Having recently introduced a new Deli, Jacka which will be fully launched in 2021.

They currently have a lovely range of cheeses, eggs, fresh vegetables, fresh meats - and more! - on offer, all sourced from local producers.

Located on Southside St. on The Barbican, we were lucky enough to be given a personal tour by Carly - 'the Bakers Wife' - around the Elizabethan Grade 1 Listed building, which dates all the way back to 17 November 1558 – 24 March 1603.

Paying humble homage to its roots set firmly back in 1500s, Jacka has not lost its original charm. The space is modern yet full of character, the wooden features and minimal decor transport all that walk through its door back to more simpler times, when we all bought our bread from the local bakery. It is needless to say that these guys are obsessively committed to their craft, pouring passion and love into every loaf, croissant and cup of locally-sourced coffee.

It's an art form; to create something so nourishing and delicious from something as inconsequential as flour and water is a certain type of magic.

Smiling, friendly staff show off their impressive technical skills with modesty, and pay great attention to every cup, loaf and smile provided. Jacka Bakery is a must-visit for anyone who pines for exceptional bread, appreciates fresh, healthy & locally sourced food and first-rate coffee delivered with a warm smile.

So, why not grab yourself a coffee and a bite to eat, and enjoy the views that The Barbican have to offer?

Jacka Bakery

Address: 38 Southside St, Plymouth PL1 2LE

Phone: 01752 262187