Jessica Cutler Textiles

Based in mid Devon, just 12 miles North of Exeter, Jessica works from her dainty workshop. Tucked away in the countryside, it's an idyllic spot for inspiration and, having recently installed a wood burner, the space is a makers paradise.

Much like the workshop space itself, Jess describes her brand as small, modern and natural. From cushions to scarves, Jess Cutler Textiles has nature, comfort and style at heart.

Jess has always loved The Arts. However, it wasn’t until the age of 19 that she pursued it seriously as a career. She began her journey by studying Textiles in Practice at Manchester School of Art. From there, she moved back to her hometown and started Jessica Cutler Textiles.

From the initial designs and fabric dyeing to the finished product, Jess uses the natural materials from her surroundings for inspiration; taking time and hours of skill to produce pieces that have a soul and beauty that is enduring.

Each collection features bold blocks of colour and geometric pattering. Collage is a fundamental part of Jessica's design process, as this is the starting point for all of her ideas. 

With her passion for the craft as high as ever, Jess loves spending time at her recently restored loom weaving exciting and exclusive pieces.

With tough competition from chains who mass produce, Jess places great importance on finding the right audience who appreciate the many hours that go into producing each piece, those who appreciate the quality that's on their doorstep. As a local business who strives to challenge our 'throw-away culture', Jess Cutler Textiles keeps everything within the UK; every step of the making process is sustainable and as local as possible.

Did we mention she was an award winner too?Jessica won the Knockando New Woven Textile Design Award in 2017!

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