Lignum Surf.

Combining his love of the ocean with fine woodcraft Alen is hard at work producing beautiful, rideable works of art at Lignum Surfboards, at their workshop tucked away in Bantham, Devon,

Boasting an environmentally friendly process from design through to completion, Lignum was established in 2016 and has since made its name within the surfing world as eco-friendly, and refreshingly unique.

Perfectly complimenting their offering, Lignum hold exclusive courses throughout the year where you can design and build your own wooden surf board, skateboard, longboard or hand plane. If you'd prefer, the boys can design, shape and build you a bespoke, expertly tailored wooden surf craft in-house.

Alen is extremely passionate about creating the finest wooden surf craft, resulting in boards that last a lifetime. They do so in a manner that harmoniously blends traditional carpentry techniques, aided with the precision that modern technologies offer. Looking to the future whilst maintaining traditional, authentic woodcraft principles, each board looks just as beautiful as it glides.

All Lignum products begin as a seed in the ground. It is this truism that forms the basis of their design and build philosophy. They nurture, invest in and work with our local environment, materials and clients to produce unique products; surfboards that are engineered for a lifetime.

They have the Gold level Ecoboard Certification, the highest possible award. In it’s essence, an Ecoboard is a high performance surfboard made from sustainable materials with as low an impact on the environment as possible. Ecoboards have a measurably reduced carbon footprint as they use renewable, recycled and/or upcycled material and processes that reduce toxicity during manufacturing.

Head over to their website for more information. Lignum Workshop, South Devon, UK

Hand crafted custom wooden surf craft designed and made in an independent workshop in South Devon, UK.

Alen: +44 (0) 7940 923488