LLC Quickfire Indy Interviews- An insight into likeminded independents

We will be interviewing local independents every week to give you an insight into who we're lovin' and what we do.


Sadie Hawker


Shh by Sadie

Favourite coffee spot

I only drink tea! But my new fave cosy spot for a cuppa tea is Charlie Franks.

Favourite place to travel

Europe. Having spent 8 years “down under” in NZ I am really enjoying exploring the old cities and stunning beaches of the U.K. & Europe again. Scotland is a recent favourite.

Best piece of advice

My mum recently watched an interview with Cher, who said she asks herself - would she be bothered by something in five years’ time? If not, don’t let it bother you now. That’s my mum’s and I new mantra 😁

Favourite thing about being independent

The challenge! It can be exhausting coming up against road blocks and brick walls, but when you find a way around them, it’s amazing. You should always take time to reflect on your achievements, no matter how small.