LLC Quickfire Indy Interviews- An insight into likeminded independents.


Tessa Bricknell

Business/Role ?

Headcake Designs, Owner

Favourite tea/coffee spot ?

Harbour House and Fika Kingsbridge - there are too many to list!

Favourite place to travel?

My days off working, I usually spend in Totnes, it's only up the road but totally different vibe, I like the offering in all of the independent shops and so many places to eat great food

Best piece of advice ?

Piece of advice as a business owner is to be clear on your offering - you may have all the creativity and passion but having organisation is key. Also make sure you have time for self care it is so important. Go off and do something you love to do, have still time it is so important especially in any creative job you need time for that creativity to flow

Favourite thing about being independent?

I love how my business is so involved with the community and other businesses. It's great to support and showcase other businesses journey. I get to work with so many other likeminded individuals, in this area it is such a lovely community of small businesses and we all really help each other it's awesome

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