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Hello my fellow LLC readers! How are you doing? It's been a strange few months right?

I hope that everyone is doing okay!

I thought I would give you an insight to who I am and what I do. Most makers, creators and Business owners we meet up with think we are a giant company. They are almost always surprised to find out it is just two of us behind the scenes.

My name is Jakob and I am from Liverpool. I am one half of the Love Local Collective team.

I grew up in Liverpool, which has roughly over 500 independents.

My family and I would often visit our local independents for coffee, brunch, lunch or dinner.

For over 6 years I also worked within the hospitality world of independents in Liverpool.

I moved down to Devon after suffering from an accident with my back which left me with nerve damage in my spine.

Seeking something exciting that we could channel our skills and passion into led to the idea of Love Local Collective.

LLC gives me fulfilment and happiness knowing that we help to give local independents a platform where they can thrive.

We focus exclusively on small independent companies and market and advertise for them. We also work closely with Businesses on their web design and Social Media management.

It's safe to say that there is an exciting influx of local independents in the South West right now and Love Local Collective enables small-medium independent businesses to shine. As well as creating more jobs, spending locally means that more money stays within the local economy.

What do I love about visiting independent establishments? They love the job as much as you love to visit! It's all in the little things... like remembering your name or what you drink and creating a genuine connection.

I genuinely love my job. I look forward to getting up in the morning and starting work. The best thing about LLC is meeting all of the like-minded independents who have invested their time into their passion aka their brand or coffee shop they've created. We love hearing the stories behind the business and then shouting about it to all of our lovely readers.

I look forward to meeting you all and hearing YOUR stories.

I've already built some great friendships and partnerships in such a short time and look forward to making many more! Our aim is to keep the money in the local economy and give small-medium Indy's a platform to grow and expand their customer base thus creating an inspiring, supportive community.



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