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Launched by Jo in 2017, MOR wares is on a mission to help you look good, feel good and do good. Each embroidered, carefully considered piece of clothing encourages you to discover a lifestyle better connected with the earth and with your truth.

Jo channels this synergy into every step of her process, producing top quality, ethically-minded and completely organic embroidered t-shirts and jumpers. Working for 'Not On The High Street' inspired Jo to embrace her passion; in a brave, exciting step, she started MOR wares.

The name itself pays homage to her hometown - Mor means 'sea' in Cornish! - and the unique concept behind the brand stemmed from her signature 'Born to be Mild' slogan.

Each embroidered design is inspired by the beauty of nature, and each slogan serves as a daily reminder of the transformational power of empowerment and self-love, whilst having fun with it. Offering free shipping throughout the UK, and a speedy service to those outside of the EU, Jo hand makes each piece is embroidered by the sea in Cornwall piece in her home studio by the sea.

From organic cotton jumpers to original prints, MOR Wares combines the permanence of embroidery with innovative ideas to create modern, stylish designs with a certain natural flare that's hard to miss.

When asked to describe MOR wares in just three words, Jo replied: "Inspirational, empowering and fun!"

It's through powerful slogans, empowering tokens and a comprehensive, resourceful MOR wares blog that Jo strives to bring together a community of likeminded thinkers. With each piece conveying a strong, yet cleverly subtle, message Jo places great importance on comfort; taking an ethical, sustainable approach to producing completely organic clothing.

At the core of MOR wares are three fundamental values, which serve as the foundation for the brands mission:

  1. To help you to become a Modern Manifestor by inspiring action and positive life changes through ideas and dialogue on the MOR wares Blog

  2. To empower you to find freedom and joy, through the production of inspirational embroidered slogans and motifs on organic clothing

  3. To give back! MOR Wares only work with industry-leading manufacturers who adhere to the highest ethical and environmental standards. They also donate a portion of the profits from each sale to tree planting projects around the world. One product sold = one tree planted!

'Positive Power', 'Surf Offline' and 'Cosmic Queen' are among the best-selling slogans from the brand and the 'Words to Live by' collection celebrates the wonder in every day. As the MOR Wares collection continues to grow and expand, there's something for free spirits, travellers, planet lovers and comfort seekers alike.

You could soon find MOR wares in your local South West independents but, until then, you can shop - and admire! - all items online.

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