Food. Something that should be so simple has been twisted, warped and forged into something oh so complicated, fear-inducing and downright confusing.

It’s National Eating Disorder Awareness week. We’re not a serious bunch, but we are serious about Mental Health and living YOUR best life, so it’s a fitting time to join the conversation.

By now you know that food, spontaneous trips and frothy coffees are pleasures that we often indulge in, fully embrace and wholeheartedly celebrate.

Eating should be easy, grabbing a cuppa and cake should be an enjoyable experience. But we know that it's way easier said than done sometimes.

What should be a means of nourishing, comforting, connecting and fuelling has been clouded by diet culture, labels, internal pressure and social stigma.

Collectively, we empower and support the local independent scene and the wonderful humans driving its resurgence. But it's a two way relationship; the fresh unparalleled food, the relaxed cosy environment, the personal and friendly service effortlessly combine to create an experience that gently, subtly inspires us to fall back in love with food.

It’s not just the taste sensations, the humble, lovingly prepared ingredients that transform into practical works of art but the feelings, the connectivity, the warmth and togetherness that go hand in hand with the local independent scene.

Brunching, dining, drinking, chatting, chilling and creating in a unique, dedicated and distinctive environment brings with it a certain nostalgia; feelings of comfort and fulfilment. It’s a total bonus that you leave with a happy tummy and content mind too!

Armed with the correct support, hope and a new-found mindset I felt able to fight diet culture, re-educate, re-learn and rewire my attitude towards food and life in general. Immersing myself in my local culture with its homemade cakes, photo-worthy brunches, exceptional coffee - and finding a second family in the friendly faces that drive the independent scene - made my world a lot bigger and I fell back in love with food, socialising...just being!

- Anon, ED Warrior

Long story short, we know what it’s like to fear food, to see it as the enemy, to use it as a way of control. We understand the self-induced debilitating guilt, the judgement, the isolation that are all symptoms of the mental illness. It makes your world a whole lot smaller, and you deserve to flourish.

It is our hope that the LLC and the legends who are apart of it act as a catalyst to get the population excited about food again; to spark constructive discussions and to shed some much needed positive light onto the experience of eating, drinking and socialising.

#LoveLocal #NEDAwareness #Selflove #Recovery