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OFFSET is a brand on a mission. The mission being to redefine the fashion industry; transforming ethical fashion into an aesthetic that is desirable, contemporary and accessible. Sustainability has never looked so good.

The world’s annual consumption of plastic has increased to nearly 100 million tonnes, according to WRAP, which then takes about 500 years to decompose.

From the labelling on the clothing to the ink in the business cards, OFFSET Clothing Co. is an inspiring surf and skate brand at the forefront of the zero-plastic movement. With apparel for both men and women, the collection is full of bold styles and relaxed colours, and has the lowest possible environmental impact.

OFFSET founder Alex grew up in Plymouth. After serving as an Engineer in the Navy for 8 years, he felt it was time to utilise his entrepreneurial spirit and positively contribute to the planet. The forward-thinking brand was founded on the principle that great fashion and sustainability can coexist - not only peacefully, but exceptionally.

Alex is truly passionate about providing a tangible alternative to the fast fashion culture that is so prevalent today; as an avid diver and traveller, the idea for the brand was initially sparked by the rapid destruction of coral reefs. His Engineering background is strongly reflected in the integrity, commitment and coherence that makes up the backbone of the brand.

Thoughtfully designed in small batches, OFFSET fuses high-level craftsmanship with street-level edge. And the name? It's a clear reflection of the vision; to 'offset' the damage caused by our alarming plastic consumption, to rebel against the norm.

It's not about 'competing' with the larger chains, OFFSET is paving their own path within the industry, in hopes of influencing the consumer journey.

The business aims to make a genuine contribution to sustainability; offering versatile fashion that doesn't cost the earth.

OFFSET sets its own trends; known for high-quality products and its striking black and white branding; a distinct nod to its simple, inspiring and timeless concept.

When you shop with OFFSET, you can trust that your purchases are being made sustainably and ethically; with respect for people and the planet.

The result is clothing that looks great, feels great and facilitates the much-needed conversation surrounding our fight to save the world we live in. Each purchase is lovingly hand-packed in an understated cardboard box and limited, yet sufficient, packaging.

We asked Alex to described OFFSET Clothing Co. in just three words: Stylish Eco Movement

Updating your wardrobe? Make a more conscious choice this season with fashion that fits your wardrobe and saves the planet.

OFFSET Clothing Co. promise to donate 2.5% of their total profits to organisations that help restore our world back to its natural state. In addition, for every 'Fair Share' garment that's bought, a living wage is delivered to the garment workers at its factory in India.

Clothing that doesn't cost the earth but looks & feels great? It's a win-win situation all round, we think.

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