'Opening Up Cricket'Mental health and Suicide awareness. #notweaktospeak

Suicide and mental health are subjects that most people find hard to talk about. Both subjects are close to our hearts here at Love Local Collective, after losing our friend and teammate to suicide.

'Opening Up Cricket' was set up by Mark Boynes to try and prevent suicide by encouraging people to talk about their depression and mental health to prevent taking their own lives. 'Opening Up Cricket' is a not-for-profit charity based in Liverpool, England. They aim to promote the themes of mental well-being and suicide prevention across the UK as well as the rest of the cricketing world!

They promote mental well-being and suicide prevention using their hashtag #notweaktospeak in memory of Alex Miller. Check out their Instagram @openingupcricket.

It's a common that, as men, we are afraid to talk about our problems, fearing it to be "uncool", "unmanly" or a weakness. It's safe to say that a positive movement has taken place whereby men feel able to open up and talk frankly about the problems they are suffering with. The number one thing with depression and mental health is that its #notweaktospeak.

No matter how much you don't want to, always talk. Talking or asking for help is the first positive step. No matter what, there will always be someone out there that genuinely cares, is willing to listen and can help.

http://www.openingupcricket.com/ Is a direct link to the site, please check them out and the incredible work that they have accomplished already.