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On the hunt for stylish, envy-inducing new activewear but want to help the planet out too?

Planet Warrior is run by two sisters - Josie and Juliette Crabtree. Having grown up by the sea, they were pulled to travelled Europe in a VW camper in search of the best beaches. The pair then gravitated back to Devon, where Planet Warrior was born.

Born from a dissatisfaction with the variety of active-wear and their deep love of the ocean, the sister power-duo were inspired to create stunning, luxurious and super soft yoga wear and accessories - including natural eco-rubber yoga mats - from 100% recycled plastic.

This is a brand on a mission; to ensure that their customers not only look and feel fabulous, but also to encourage more individuals to purchase products that are eco-friendly. Their approach is simple; to create accessories and apparel whilst actively minimising environmental waste.

Planet Warrior aims to brighten up your workout with bold colour, eye-catching designs, elegant cuts and intricate details. Each piece can be mixed and matched with other pieces from the collection and - due to the sustainability of the products - you can invest well, and enjoy them forever.

Josie and Juliette have perfectly intertwined the sacred practice of yoga with caring for the planet.

Although a popular topic at the forefront of society today, Planet Warrior have always pioneered the plastic-free movement, and it's this strong ethos and sheer integrity that's at the very core of the brand, even down to the biodegradable packaging.

Through thorough and dedicated research, Juliette and Josie recognised that much our clothing is made from plastic. It's this stark fact that inspired their innovative concept; each product makes use of waste materials that would otherwise cause ongoing harm to our environment.

Updating your wardrobe? Make a more conscious choice this season with fashion that fits your wardrobe and saves the planet. The girls are already growing their Planet Warrior Tribe, with exciting plans for future collections and products.

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