Shh by Sadie

'Life is too short to wear boring jewellery'

Adorning oneself with jewellery is an act of self-love, a form of self-expression and a sure-fire way to tie an outfit together.

If you are looking for beautiful, unique wearable works of art, Sadie has you covered. Her luxury, bespoke pieces are created with love and passion. If you're a lover of vibrant colour, exotic print and intricate craftsmanship, these are timeless pieces that you'll treasure and cherish forever.

Originally from Wales, Sadie loves to travel; gaining inspiration from the people she has met, the cultures experienced and the places she has lived. Sadie started the business whist living in Wellington, New Zealand. After many years in NZ, Sadie and her husband have gravitated back towards their home hemisphere and are now based in Plymouth.

Sadie showing her wonderful jewellery off.

The story began in New Zealand. Sadie poured her passion into jewellery making, selling her pieces at local markets whilst running a complimentary blog alongside.

With a background in Marketing and a natural artistic flair, Sadie channels her creativity into producing hand-made pieces; some of which take around 18hours to create! It is clear that a lot of love, time and effort go into each item.

Initially, Sadie was going to name the Business 'The Flea and Flamingo'; a nod to her love for the pink birds. However, the iconic brand we know today - 'Shh by Sadie' - was born from a passing comment made by her husband.

'Shh by Sadie' is the home of statement pieces for you to have fun with, pieces that give you confidence and put a spring in your step, that special something to bring your outfit to life!

Each design reflects Sadie's love for playful, colourful, on-trend statement jewellery that will last longer than one season; each item can be mixed and matched for years to come. Sadie wears her jewellery every day, and hopes you will too.

As seen on @disfunkshionmag and @journeyofastylist, add a playful touch of tropical with the Banana Cuff!

Hand beaded with a custom 'Shh by Sadie' pattern, this fun, fruity bracelet is a show-stopper; finished with a stunning 24 carat gold plated chain and signature 'Shh by Sadie' tag.

Perfect for wearing alone or layering with other favourite bracelets!

Sadie enjoys using traditional bead looming techniques, crystals and chains to create her unique pieces. As a self-confessed 'magpie', Sadie hunts down limited stashes of vintage beads, chains and embellishments, and so 'Shh by Sadie' pieces are often one of a kind or limited edition. Every piece of jewellery tells its own story; how special is that?

Each bracelet is woven using traditional bead loom techniques and comes with a complimentary flamingo pouch to keep your pretties, pretty.


We asked Sadie if she could describe 'Shh by Sadie' in just 3 words:

Colourful , Unique and Showstopping

Setting her own trends, Sadie creates one main unique collection every year to keep things fresh. 'Shh by Sadie' is now stocked in NZ, UK, USA, Portugal, Australia, Hong Kong and Guadaloupe.

Jewellery is a means of expressing who you are, yet also serves as a way showing those close to you how you feel; expressing your love and affection for a person with a gesture rather than with words, or even expressing your emotions through a piece of jewellery's colours and symbols. To explore the pieces, treat a loved one or explore the new collection, check the links below:

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