Suzannah Key Jewellery

First inspired by a jewellery workshop in school, Suzannah went on to successfully graduate from the School of Jewellery in Birmingham. Taking inspiration from her father, an accomplished designer himself, Suzannah found and followed her passion.

The collection - Suzannah Key Jewellery - is an eclectic yet original mix of bold design, understated taste and everyday luxury.

Heavily influenced by illustrative thinking, Suzannah marries natural forms and bold architectural patterns to showcase her unique and contemporary style. With a hefty background of experience - including working as a Silversmith in Australia! - Suzannah combines her passion and natural flare with a technology-aided approach, to ensure that each hand-crafted item tells its own unique story; a local landscape, a hidden treasure, romance.

When she's not developing new design concepts, Suzannah is best known for her wedding ring workshops and completely tailored service. Working from her peaceful home-based studio, Suzannah produces unique, wearable pieces and works closely with couples to create one of a kind, truly special wedding rings.

From concept through to completion, every detail on every item is carefully considered.

Suzannah also holds jewellery making workshops and events, perfect for bridesmaids and aspiring jewellery-makers alike; you are able to spend an enjoyable day hand crafting a token of love.

From earrings to bangles, Suzannah Key Jewellery emphasises the natural qualities of the materials. Whilst you can shop online, Suzannah is also stocked in a local shop in Salcombe; every item, be it made-to-order or bought in-store, is a labour of love.

Our favourite item from Suzannah Key Jewellery? It has to be the handcrafted sterling silver necklace featuring an interchangeable spinning pendant. Suspended within a beautifully tactile cradle, you are able to personalise your pendant with the extensive range of hand engraved spinning pendants and even your very own bespoke design. The concept itself is innovative, impressive and truly emphasises Suzannah's natural flare for silversmithing.

Offering workshops, repairs, remodelling and made-to-order pieces, Suzannah Key Jewellery embodies passion, style, love... and the perfect amount of luxury.

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