The Beautiful South PhotoBooth Co.

The Beautiful South PhotoBooth Co. provides a unique Photo Booth experience with sass.

Best friends, business partners and founders, Amy and Olivia were born in Devon and have been best friends since their early school days. In 2017, the girls felt it was time to chase an exciting new opportunity; something that would channel their creativity and compliment their individual skills.

They got their hands on a top-quality booth and now, over a year later, Amy and Olivia have travelled far and wide with The Beautiful South PhotoBooth Co., providing experiences that are as unique as each event.

Unlike traditional PhotoBooths, The Beautiful South PhotoBooth Co.’s unique and innovative open-concept booth offers a truly unique and bespoke open-air experience for events of all kinds; be it a wedding, corporate event or party.

Fitting seamlessly into any venue, the top level photographic technology combined with a guaranteed luxury, bespoke aesthetic ensures a truly unforgettable PhotoBooth experience.

When they’re not hand-making cool props, designing unique backdrops or editing bespoke prints, Amy and Olivia personally set up and take down the booth. They remain with the booth for the duration of the event, adding that extra touch of sparkle and professionalism.

Designed with photographers in mind and boasting the latest Social Media integrations, the sleek and modern open-air booth produces high-quality prints which guests can personally share directly to their family and friends via Facebook, email etc.

It's all in the details. You've probably guessed by now that TBS PhotoBoothCo. isn't your average Photo Booth; offering an impressive range of original prints, stunning backdrops as well as super stylish props. Valuing beautiful design and a professional finish above all else, TBSPhotoBooth Co. provide memories that you and your guests can treasure forever.

The Beautiful South PhotoBooth Co.




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