#LocalLife Bloggers to Follow; The Foodie Jeff

You know we #LoveLocal (duh!) and you know that we actively support and share everything from local coffee shops to independent hotels. We are consistently inspired by the independent businesses that we work alongside, and the same goes for local bloggers; our fellow food, coffee and #IndyBusiness lovers.

What better way is there to learn about your very own local scene than hearing straight from those who live there?

Alex Jeffery - aka. @TheFoodieJeff on Instagram - is a local plant-based foodie based in East Cornwall/Plymouth. Alex - also known as Jeff; a nickname that has stuck with him since University - uses his platform to share his knowledge of nutrition; channeling his passion into a feed full of easy-to-digest information, vibrant colours and impressive foodie imagery (we mean... what's not to love!?).

With a Bachelors in Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation and a Masters of Science in Human Nutrition, Jeff is on-track to develop a programme for corporate Nutrition, Health and Mental Wellbeing.

Showing that plant-based definitely doesn't mean 'boring', we asked Alex a few questions about pioneering a healthy lifestyle, whilst supporting his local independents:

1. What kind of content do you share and what inspired you to start your Instagram page?

I share the foods I love to cook, with a little bit of science behind why they benefit us. It’s usually a mix of recipes, plant-based science, coffee and straight up vegan #FoodPorn!

I love diversity in plant based foods so I tend to skip between cuisines/styles. I guess it could be somewhat disorganised to some, but coincidentally that’s also the way my life works... So, take that as you will 👀

I want to see people making their own decisions to live a healthier lifestyle through the same vibrant and empowering approach I use!

2. We know you love coffee as much as us! Where's your fave independent place in Plymouth to grab a cup of coffee?

So, Hangry use this fantastic independent roaster so their coffee is out of this world, but I absolutely adore the set-up of ‘Koffeehaus’ on the Barbican. I just love a rustic coffee shop only big enough to fit a handful of people, serving local independent coffee. 

6. You are plant-based, which is great! Where's your 'go-to' independent place for a delicious veggie/vegan meal?

Oh plant-based in Plymouth?! Hangry. Not only do they do (what I’d call) the best vegan fry-up alternative in Plymouth, they cook with real wholesome foods and their chef pulls out some really amazing specials. A current favourite is the coconut whipped tofu they’re serving like a yogurt on pancakes and waffles 😍

8. You have a keen eye for photography, producing eye-catching and colourful photos. Are you self-taught?

I’m totally self-taught! I started off using my iPhone, but soon got talking to Nick at @forkinpancakes and it just escalated from there. Nick pointed me towards DIY stores for backdrops and suggested I read a little into photography - so here we are

9. What are your future plans for The Foodie Jeff?

Long term, I’d love to run my own plant-based coffee house under the name. Sweet bakes, pancakes, and all the oat milk you could ever drink... but for now, The Foodie Jeff is just a little bit of fun and an access point for me to find new and exciting recipes, contacts and plant brands ✌🏼

Quick Fire Questions:

1. Breakfast, lunch or dinner?

Breakfast, hands down

2. Sunshine or Snow?


3. Favourite place to hang out in Plymouth?

Royal William Yard

4. Describe The Foodie Jeff in 3 words...

Vibrant. Positive. Real (real food, real representation of who I am and what I eat to feel good 👊🏼)

You can find @TheFoodieJeff on Instagram...let the drooling begin!