The Soap Box Co.

Plastic-free, ethically produced self-care products, delivered directly to your door? Yes please!

Well that's exactly what The Soap Box Co. do! Co-founded and run by Will and Jess in January 2021, the aim of The Soap Box Co. is to source ethically produced, plastic-free self-care products that smell amazing and nourish your skin.

From 'Cornish Soapcake' body soaps and 'Earthkind' shampoo bars to 'Your Nature' natural deodorant, their mission is to make plastic-free, eco-friendly living easy and accessible to all.

Much like their gorgeous, understated branding, their mission is simple; making it easier for people to reduce their use of both plastic and harmful (often toxic) ingredients found in large scale cosmetics, and to be more mindful about the products they are buying and using.

Ethical, mindful and plastic-free. That's how Will and Jess describe their brand. The seed for it became apparent just how difficult it was to find everything they wanted in one place, which prompted the venture. With a focus on fuss-free, options and handy delivery (local delivery starts from just £1!), The Soap Box are passionate about supporting other small businesses by carefully sourcing each product as locally as possible, to showcase in their boxes.

Did you know that recyclable bathroom waste accounts for 30% – 40% of total landfill waste in the UK? Based in Devon, an environmentally friendly and sustainable ethos is at the very heart of the brand. Making it easier than ever to empower customers to make ethical choices whilst reducing waste and supporting local companies along the way.

Offering only the best natural products in their collection from brands that share the goal of working towards a greener, better future, they want people to be aware of the damaging impact that many mass-produced products have on both our planet and our bodies.

Its win-win, good for the planet, good for your skin and good for small businesses!

Quick Fire Questions with Will and Jess:

Have you got any upcoming plans?

We would like to expand to provide a wider range of products, gift boxes and also monthly subscriptions. We will hopefully be attending some outdoor markets this year also.

Do you find it difficult competing against chains?

We know that it is often difficult for people to make more eco-friendly and ethical swaps as the price of handmade, natural products are significantly more than those mass-produced products you can buy in the supermarket.

Favourite piece to date?

We are very passionate about our original box – The Soap Box Co – It's what started our small business and is a way in for our customers to begin their plastic free self-care journey. A personal favourite of ours are the Earth Kind shampoo and conditioning bars as they leave your hair feeling and smelling great. We also love all of the soap bars that we stock from Cornish Soap Cakes, Suddy Nora and Soap and Pamper they all feel a lot ‘cleaner’ having washed with a bar of soap, compared to shower gels.

By becoming a more conscious consumer, you can reduce your waste and live a more sustainable lifestyle. Because, let’s face it, there really is no planet B.

Start your ethical, plastic-free self-care journey today with The Soap Box Co.:

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