V Is For Veggies

V is for Veggies was founded in 2016 by Lynsey, an avid baker since she began baking with her mum at a young age. From creamy cupcakes to signature sourdough donuts, everything is vegan, cruelty free, local and sustainable.

In a bid to pioneer a sustainable lifestyle, Lynsey uses the very best of seasonal fruit and veg and planet-friendly palm oil to create delicious veggie-packed treats that are healthy and satisfying.

Lynsey developed the idea behind the brand after being tasked with the job of making a vegan cake. As a vegan herself, Lynsey creates unique and exciting bakes, cakes and treats without compromising on flavour; think fluffy red velvet cake (a strong favourite!), homemade wagon wheel slices and freshly baked, filled-to-the-brim donuts.

The mission behind V is for Veggies is to show people that 'vegan' doesn't necessarily mean boring and tasteless! With creative twists and innovative replacements, Lynsey offers a delicious range of both classic and original creations.

Placing great emphasis on bulk-buying, recycling and seasonal ingredients, Lynsey uses minimal plastic and packaging throughout her baking process. Waking at 3am to proof her sourdough donuts, she bakes and delivers fresh goods every day; when it comes to cakes, we all know that fresh is best.

Taking inspiration from her travels through Central America, Southern Africa, California and the Mediterranean, the ultimate goal of V is for Veg is to provide vibrant and fresh flavours by infusing all of these cuisines and ideas whilst minimising the impact on our environment.

Having built a reputation on taste, quality and service, Lynsey also takes made-to-order private commissions. It's no wonder, therefore, that she is the go-to for wedding cakes or veggie catering too; vegan burritos or fluffy pancakes anyone?

Working from her own kitchen, each recipe is tried and tested! Made entirely from scratch, Lynsey is consistently developing, refining both her technique and menu. With the dream of one day opening a sustainable, bustling vegan bakery, you can currently find V is for Veg in and around Plymouth:

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