Five Reasons You Should Love Local

If you've been apart of Love Local for a while, or if you couldn't tell by now, we blimmin' love supporting and empowering local, independent businesses. We truly admire the hard-working crafters, makers and owners behind the scenes, and love learning more about them and their passions, which we then share with you.

But, it's not about us. It's about you, and them. If you've ever had a coffee at your local cafe, enjoyed a brunch at a seasonal eatery, or bought a gift from an online store such as NOTHS or Etsy, then you probably appreciate the driving forces, the friendly faces, behind such unique and original concepts. But what are the benefits of 'shopping' local?

It's these not-so-hidden gems that make up the backbone of our local economies, communities and cultures.

From one-man bands to small, passionate teams, all indy businesses share one common drive: they love what they do and want to share their joy with the world, be it through a piece of handmade jewellery, a carefully curated menu or a locally sourced coffee.

'Domino effect' refers to the idea that one event sets off a chain of similar events. We can use this term as an analogy to explain how loving local impacts many things beyond just the transaction. When you support a local independent business you are supporting a family, a dream, a culture, your local economy (good job!). Here are five, to-the-point reasons you should try your best to #LoveLocal:

  1. Local Prosperity: It's the one-of-a-kind businesses that preserve your distinctive local character, aiding the local economy and community.

  2. Uniqueness: When it comes to gifts, lifestyle or clothing, local independents produce unique, never-before-seen-anywhere items, usually inspired by their surroundings. It's this intrinsic originality that makes these businesses and their offerings so special.

  3. Employment: Supporting a local independent not only generates money for the local economy, but also aids employment rates. The more successful small businesses there are, the more jobs become available.

  4. Environmental Sustainability - Local shops sustain vibrant, compact high streets and, with greater emphasis placed on seasonality and freshness, many local businesses make it a priority to source some or all of their goods locally. This approach is better for the environment, reducing their carbon footprint.

  5. It's fun to #LoveLocal!: Your local independents have a much more attractive offering than large chains, who are bound by strict regulations, pricing, procedures and monetary motives. The friendly faces behind each small business become friends, and 'shopping' local becomes your new 'normal'.

Why do YOU love shopping local?

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